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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

An Experience in StuffLand

So, as my first post and my first time making a visual novel, I have finally released An Experience in StuffLand. *Warning: Contains craziness, homophobia and slightly disgusting references.*

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All usernames can be found on Lemmasoft in the Creative Commons. 

Aaron Krogh - Music (amkrogh89 on lemmasoft)
Silverstez - Microbe the Merman with Homophobia *Hideki*
Anna - Queen Laila
Moxie - Asdfghjkl (tour guide)
Kingv - Virus the Vampire with Diabetes
Tetiel - Your character (silhouetted) *Sakuya*
Sadly, I don't have a source for Ulcer the Unicorn with Anger Management Problems, but if you Google Unicorns, I'm sure you can find him. :)